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Mindset Secrets for High Fliers

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Over 80% of people in corporate jobs who have learned this material from me have been promoted within a year


Most NLP programmes are not designed for business leaders - in the same way that economy class cabins on aeroplanes are not designed for business travellers. You have different requirements that can’t be met if you’re in a crowd of gap-year students, globe-trotting pensioners and holidaying families. You want to be with people like you and you want to use your time effectively.

The Business Class NLP programme gives you an opportunity to ‘sit in the front of the plane’ as you learn NLP. I’ve filtered out all the bits most relevant to people like you and turned them into an action-packed 4-day programme. I’m going to share with you the aspects of NLP that will accelerate your business performance and make a tangible difference to the bottom line.

A fantastic ‘Business Class’ venue

I'm delighted to be hosting this event at Walton Hall near Stratford-upon-Avon (about 10 minutes from the M40). It's the perfect place for this event, combining comfort, good food and efficient service with everything you'd expect in 'business class'! With 65 acres of grounds there's plenty of opportunity to 'get away from it all' as well.

The next programme will take place in the autumn of 2012



Richard Hall, General Manager, Automotive Division, INA F.A.G
Duncan Gornall, National Sales Manager, Industrial Division, Schaeffler (UK) Ltd
"Best course ever, by a mile" Richard Wiseman, Programme Manager, RBS
"Well worth the time and money" Bridget Walker, Head of Investor Relations, Derwent London

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There are only 24 places available to acquire this amazing set of skills that will enable you to completely transform your working life. You’ll find out so much about yourself that it will become much easier to manage your workload and consistently perform at your best. Your working relationships will improve dramatically - even the good ones! Best of all, any other learning that you undertake will be easier as a result of knowing this material. You’ll find out exactly how to adopt new behaviour and integrate it with your usual ways of working, effortlessly. Could this be the most productive 4 days you’ve ever spent away from work?

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